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Experience rapid approval with our paperless consumer loans and unmatched service.


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Empower your academic journey with tailored loans for higher education.


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Custom-fit personal loans with an easy application, meeting your financial needs seamlessly.


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Enhance your life quality with our wellness loans, offering low rates and flexible terms for any life-enriching purpose.


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Alleviate medical expenses with EzMI schemes, ensuring flexibility for non-invasive treatments.


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Leverage your assets with instant, low-interest loans, tapping into up to 50% of your property's value for your varied requirements.


Consumer loans

Experience rapid approval with our paperless consumer loans and unmatched service.

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Experience the benefits of choosing Ezfinanz for your loan needs. We prioritize transparency, affordability, and flexibility.

  • Minimal documentation required
  • No hidden fees, affordable loans
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Partner with us to offer your customers 0% EMI options, enhancing sales and customer satisfaction.

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We prioritize encryption measures and adhere to strict data protection protocols to ensure the security and privacy of our clients' information throughout the loan process and after the loan has been completed as well
The rate of interest varies for every loan and rate being charges on a decline balance method can be found on the sanction letter.
In case of no cost EMI or 0% interest loans, the interest amount is borne by the merchant and hence since it is indirectly charged to the customer. Hence, we display the effective interest rate with the assumption that the interest is being borne by the customer.
We underwrite based on our proprietary algorithm model which does not directly have a minimum credit score requirement.
Our underwriting model is based on historical type of loans taken as well as the repayment history along with the capacity to repay as well. Other requirements include both age and residency requirements as well.
To avail a loan, submit identification proof, income proof, address verification and collateral details as per the type of loan availed.
You may click on the link repay loan to repay your loan at anytime.
If you have any queries you may write to anytime and you can expect a prompt response within 2 working days.