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Business Partner FAQ's

  1. How do I sign up to offer 0% EMI Loans to my customers ?

You can sign up by entering your details here ( Alternatively you may call us on +918048130688 or email us at for any queries related to new business partner sign up.

  1. What happens once I sign up?

One of our executives will get in touch with you to guide you through the process.

  1. How do I request a loan for a customer?

You can send us loan request through the business partner app that will be shared with you after signing up.

  1. How do I view all the details of loans disbursed till date?

To view all the loans related data you can see the summary on the business partner app and additional details can be viewed here. (

  1. Will I need to be involved in servicing the loan?

The loan will be completely serviced by the EZFINANZ team.

  1. Will all my clients be avail this facility?

Clients who are eligible based on our underwriting policy which takes into accounts their past loan history and their repayment capacity will be eligible to avail this facility.  

customer app Clickhere

  1. Will I be liable for any customer defaults?

There is no liability on the business if any customer defaults. However, if there are any issues with regards to the service we seek the help of our business partner for the best possible resolution for all the parties involved.

  1. Is there a procedure for loan cancellation?

The business partner can request for cancellation of the loan 1 week prior to the start of the first EMI. Any cancellation post that period can be done only by paying the rest of the outstanding EMI’s.

  1. When can we expect to receive funds to my bank account?

Funds will be received into your bank account same day that the disbursals is done.

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